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Ultra-Lift Balances Replacements for Impact Windows - Ultralift Balances

  • $79.95

  • Ultra-lift balances for impact windows 
  • These are seen in white or grey on the left and right side chanels
  • Balance replacement for impact PGT windows; Balance replacement for impact Mr. Glass windows; Balance replacement for impact ES Windows/ ESW Windows / ESP Windows 
  • If your impact single hung (slide-up style) window does not stay up on its own, it is most likely that you need new balances or sashes (**email, text or call us for more info)
  • Please note that balances come in either grey or white - we cannot guarantee the color the tube comes in
  • To order the proper length and weight, please follow the instructions below


  1. Input your length & sash weight in the 'custom' box - i.e. 28-40lbs or 2840
  • The length and sash weight should be stamped/written on your balance- i.e. 28-40lbs or 2840 (see pictures)
    1. If you do not have a stamping, you can get the length measurement by measuring just the white or grey plastic tube (do not include the T tip)